A simple extension for spaCy to leverage WordNet, one of the richest knowledge databases in the world. Use your favorite NLP tool together with a powerful dictionary.

I want to withdraw 100 euros

take out
draw off


      import spacy
      from spacy_wordnet.wordnet_annotator import WordnetAnnotator
      # Load an spacy model (supported models are "es" and "en")
      nlp = spacy.load('en')
      nlp.add_pipe(WordnetAnnotator(nlp.lang), after='tagger')
      token = nlp('prices')[0]

      # wordnet object link spacy token with nltk wordnet interface by giving acces to

      # And automatically tags with wordnet domains

      # spaCy WordNet lets you find synonyms by domain of interest for example economy
      sentence = nlp('I want to withdraw 5,000 euros')
      economy_domains = ['finance', 'banking']

      token_with_synsets = [(token, token._.wordnet.wordnet_synsets_for_domain(economy_domains)) for token in sentence]
      enriched_sentence = []
      for token, synsets in token_with_synsets:
          if not synsets:
              lemmas_for_synset = {lemma for s in synsets for lemma in s.lemma_names()}
      print(' '.join(enriched_sentence))
      # >> I (need|want|require) to (draw|withdraw|draw_off|take_out) 5,000 euros

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