Understand your customers' language to improve your services

Obtain a global view of your customers in a question of days

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Measure the performance by category

Custom categories

Analyze the status of the relevant aspects for your business with custom categories

Identify current and past trends

Analytics and insights

Follow the evolution of the most relevant topics and the performance of your products and services

Measure sentiment and emotions

Client experience

Listen to what customers say about your products and services to improve your their experience

Obtain a 360º vision

Multiple sources and formats

Obtain a global and consistent view of your interaction with customers in order to optimize your strategy

Receive alerts


Detect critical events and situations of your product or service performance


Automate access to key knowledge for your business

Transform information overload from emails, support tickets, calls, requests, and surveys into easy to use data

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Recognai Cloud solution

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  • Automatic classifiers configuration with up to 50 custom categories
  • Data exploration and feedback Web-app
  • Custom dashboards configuration with your main service metrics
  • We integrate and maintain the solution
  • We configure and train classifiers with 50 custom-made categories
  • We put a team of natural language processing at your disposal
  • We offer incremental and flexible costs in function to use and volume

We work with you on an utmost transparency level

  • We process your information with maximum guarantee of integrity, privacy and security

    Every processed and stored communication is anonymized with our advanced system of detection and pseudonimization of personal data

    Your information is processed in European data centers with the utmost guarantees of privacy, and security. If you prefer, our solution can be deployed on your private cloud or servers

    We strictly follow protocols established by the GDPR

  • We configure the solution in an agile and efficient way

    We reduce the configuration period from months to just less than four weeks.

    We deliver the solution on public or private clouds.

  • You are the expert

    During the first four weeks we work closely with your team to adjust and adapt the solution to your communications.

    Our web app allows you to give feedback and improve the accuracy of our solution in a fast and efficient way.

  • We integrate with your tools

    We assist you at integrating our solution with your own tools and system throughout our API.

    Our API design enables you to easily connect with other BI and RPA services.

Use cases

Use cases

Data extraction

Understand customer requests and sentiment about products and services

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Companies need to understand their customers requests and demands to improve strategic decisions. Most of these requests come in different forms of unstructured data such as emails, voice recordings and free- text webforms, making them challenging to analyze.

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Custom analytics dashboards to visually extract insights from emails, customer support calls and service apps. Every message is automatically classified into relevant custom-made categories and made available for in-depth analytics and reporting.