Tame your wild data We build artificial intelligence tools to fight information overload in your company.

  • Transparent

    Don’t believe single number metrics. things like precision are meaningless, unless, you prove them with your own data.

  • Human-centered

    We strive to let you know where and why predictive models don't understand your data, and act upon these problems.

  • Search-driven

    When data and predictions come together in a search engine, you can create new data assets, search endpoints and evolve your models.


    Extract information from unstructured content: entities, roles, concepts and relationships.


    Learn and predict what you need from structured and unstructured sources: semantics, topics, and similarities.


    Give structure, explain and query what you process: taxonomies, entities, properties and relationships.

  • Daniel Vila Suero


    Daniel Vila Suero - Co-founder
  • Francisco Aranda Montes


    Francisco Aranda Montes - Co-founder
  • Amélie Viallet

    Product lead

    Amélie Viallet - Product lead
  • Leire Aguirre Eguiluz

    UI developer

    Leire Aguirre Eguiluz - UI developer
  • David Carreto Fidalgo

    Data Scientist

    David Carreto Fidalgo - Data Scientist
  • Prof. Asun Gómez Pérez


    Prof. Asun Gómez Pérez - Advisor
  • Paco Nathan


    Paco Nathan - Advisor

Data Pitch EU Innovation programme

In February 2018, we joined the first group of 18 startups selected to be part of the Data Pitch European acceleration programme. During the six months programme, we have been working on the Data Management challenge together with our data provider Uniserv (Germany), a leading company in data quality and smart data solutions. We are now glad to have successfully completed the programme, exceeding all initial expectations, collaborating with the other startups, and learning from our amazing advisors. The programme has given us the opportunity to work with millions of customer records in 8 languages and to validate and demonstrate the value of our upcoming product Recognai Biome for building, training, evaluating and improving deep learning models for unstructured and semi-structured data.

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Recognai, one of the 5 winners of the 2nd edition of Correos Lehnica prize

We are glad to be amongst the five selected companies in the Lehnica Prize of Correos (Spanish Post Company) and enter their 1-year acceleration programme.

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The National Library of Spain releases a more intuitive online catalogue.

Our technology is used by the National Library of Spain to power their data service datos.bne.es. This award-winning project provides a unified view and a search engine over 25 million bibliographic resources and documents. Our technology, developed during the PhD work of one of our co-founders, is used since 2011 to create and mantain one of the largest knowledge graphs in the Spanish language.

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We are based in Madrid come visit us at:

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