Information processing beyond human scaleAmplify your business value with natural language processing

Everyday, repetitive processes are slowing down companies

And it's only getting worse, as the amount of information grows

Recognai makes AI solutions to help organizations cope with information overload and move faster, further, happier.

We enable companies to turn unstructured data into accessible and valuable information, as a prerequisite for high-quality digital processes. To achieve this, we provide easy access to cutting-edge technology in natural language processing and machine learning. We are the creators of biome, a data science software to speed up the process of data annotation and model deployment.

  • You manage a business application, process or team

    Improve your processes and make people more productive by

    classifying documents

    extracting relevant structured data from unstructured information

    matching duplicates or search for similar cases

  • You drive the digital transformation of your company

    Provide NLP-based services throughout the entreprise and

    make your teams more productive

    bring data science projects into production

    integrate seamlessly with other initiatives such as RPA

  • You use machine learning to create data services for business users

    Amplify your toolbox for dealing with NLP problems with

    instant access to state-of-the-art models and best practices

    zero-setup experimentation and full extensibility

    visual tools for error analysis and communication with business users

  • You integrate machine learning solutions into products and services

    Deploy and manage the lifecycle of NLP services with

    frictionless lifecycle management

    model and dataset tracking and governance

    modern DevOps tooling

Use cases

Automatic classification

Automate manual work in customer data quality processes

Data stewards invest significant time performing repetitive, tedious tasks to improve the quality of large customer databases.

Automate part of these efforts with Biome machine learning models, which learn directly from past decisions of data stewards.

Use cases

Manufacturing company

Data extraction

Make previously unreachable data accessible to business teams and data analysts.

Business and engineering teams need to invest significant resources to analyse supplier and contract documents. his information, spread across different documents and IT systems, is key to making procurement and engineering processes more efficient.

Support data collection from technical and legal documents with Biome Data extraction, highly reducing manual data collection efforts.

Data science for unstructured data management.

  • Automatic classification

      Enable automatic processing by helping decide...

    • whether a customer is a person or an organisation
    • to which industry a company belongs
    • whether incoming emails are requests for quotations or orders
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  • Data extraction

      Make information contained in text fields or documents available for automatic processing, such as...

    • Legal form of a company
    • Material or product attributes
    • Claims and clauses from legal documents
    • References to customers, suppliers, products, materials or other entities
    Learn more
  • Matching

      Avoid duplication and automate processes by identifying documents or records that refer to...

    • the same person in a customer database
    • repetitive customer requests
    • similar arguments or clauses in legal documents
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